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Dr. Molly Hart

Hi There!
My name is Molly Hart and I am a Florida native. I grew up on the beautiful beaches of Anna Maria island with my large Italian Catholic family. My mother is a talented & successful business woman who taught me how to mentally and physical care for myself and others with simple life habits and holistic medicine. My father on the other hand was a commercial fisherman and I grew up on the boat with him eating the freshest seafood, catching seahorses on his crab traps, and running around on the beautiful islands nearby. On top of that I also have three crazy & loving brothers who are truly my best friends.
My household was not one with strict rules, in fact looking back we had A LOT of freedom. Jumping on the couch, throwing the ball in the house, having insane pillow fights, and riding down to the beach to catch and sell some bait-fish to the tourists were just a part of life for us. We also talked about everything…and I mean EVERYTHING. My mom always shared her crazy stories of things she did while she was a teen and talked to us about drugs, sex, relationships, emotions, and life in general. She allowed and encouraged us to be ourselves, love ourselves, and care for our one and ONLY body that God blessed us with.
At a young age my parents divorced due to my father’s drug addiction. From age 10 on, I was shown that a female can raise 4 successful children, work a full time job, start her own side business, get her MBA, and overcome cancer. On top of that she also always encouraged us to love my father, be forgiving always, to understand that addiction is a disease, and encouraged us to have a relationship with him despite everything. I went years without talking to my father, and now my millions of prayers have been answered and he is healthier than ever and very present in my life today.
Growing up I was a competitive soccer player and also passionately participated in volleyball, track and field, racquetball, skim boarding, and kayaking on a weekly bases. I knew as a senior in high school that I wanted to be a Physical Therapist as it would enhance my active lifestyle. At a young age I was exposed to PT due to my oldest brother’s Cerebral Palsy (CP) and later due to my own ACL and meniscus injury. I understood the value of this profession and how it helped my family. I also knew I never wanted to prescribe drugs and saw that conservative approaches is what lead to the most optimal outcome for my family.
I went on to attend the University of South Florida where I played for USF’s Women’s Club Soccer team while getting my undergrad degree in Biomedical Sciences. I catered by entire degree, extracurricular activities, and networking opportunities to get into a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. I was accepted first round into USF’s DPT program and became the Class President. I was blessed to have a clinical rotation at the VA’s comprehensive Chronic Pain Program that incorporated all health professions (physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologist, physical therapist, occupation therapist, recreational rehab, vocational rehab). This clinical experience sparked my desire and knowledge for treating persistent pain conditions.
During my undergrad experience my family also went through a rough time frame as my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I attended all of her treatments at Moffit Cancer Center and for the first time I realized how awful the medical system is to patient's who are suffering. My mom was often treated just like another number - not a real person with emotions and rights. Often she would ask to not have new interns perform her treatment and was told NO, she was switched between so many professionals, misguided at times, and never felt listened to. I had to watch my very strong mother be emotionally destroyed by the cancer and her treatment from medical professionals. This experience made me realize that I would always strive to treat every person I had the pleasure to treat in the way I wished my mom would have been treated.
This experience lead me to be tested for the BRCA 2 gene, as my mother tested positive for this gene. The BRCA 2 gene significantly increases your risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, I did discover that I am also positive for the BRCA 2 gene. I then received genetic counseling and was informed that I should receive IVF treatments to select out for the gene if I want to have children and then receive a double breast mastectomy and total hysterectomy after having children as preventative care. I was NOT OKAY with this extremely invasive care as a solution for PREVENTION. I started to do more research myself on preventative care that had a higher benefit to risk ratio and discovered that there IS A LOT OF WONDERFUL CONSERVATIVE care options that do not include invasive procedures and surgical removal of my female body parts. I now understand that decreasing exposure to toxins that cause endocrine disruption and managing stress is vastly important to cancer prevention. The food we eat, air we breath, water we drink, and the products we use on our house and body are extremely important to protect our health. I discovered how vital exercise is, the importance of stress calming strategies such as diaphragmatic breathing and meditation, the need for good quality sleep, and last how important our thoughts and beliefs are to our bodies ability to stay healthy and heal itself. This journey to protect my female body lead to my strong passion for specializing in women's health PT.
I decided to take my chronic pain clinical experience and combine it with women's pelvic health because I saw there was a massive need. I was aware that women with chronic pain conditions were being MASSIVELY under served, misguided, mistreated, and unheard. My passion for this work is immense and I do believe I was guided to be here on this earth to do exactly this.
I graduated from my DPT program in August 2017 with a career already lined up at an outpatient pelvic health rehab clinic where I received one-on-one mentorship for treating pelvic health dysfunctions. There was a pelvic health team of over 10 women at this company that I had the pleasure to learn from and met with to review research and techniques. I then finished all of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) pelvic and pregnancy/postpartum courses within my first year of practice. From there I have continued to educate myself on ideal exercise techniques for all body conditions, proper food intake, and how to decrease stress and toxins in my life. This education has allowed me to help my patient's implement these strategies into their own life slowly to allow for life style changes that create a beautiful quality of life.
While I was treating at a traditional PT setting, I discovered that I could no longer sit in my little office and wait for women to come to me after years of abuse and pain. Pelvic PT is one-on-one so my treatment sessions were too short at the clinic, we had a 3 month wait list, poor scheduling that didn’t allow me to properly treat the women on my case load, and I was getting completely burnt out by the setting and situation I was in. I knew I needed to free up some of my time so I could go out and educate women in my local area and online. I also knew that taking on a smaller case load and having longer treatment times would allow me to give proper and detailed care to the women I was serving.
This realization is what led me to quit my clinic job and start Pelvic Balance Physical Therapy. This has allowed me to create a structured and organized approach for treating chronic pelvic pain conditions (Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia, Interstitial cystitis, Painful Bladder Syndrome, Endometriosis, Pudendal Neuralgia, Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction). I have longer one-on-one treatment sessions, constant message support for my patient’s, online programs that compliment our treatment, and the time and energy to invest into a beautiful and healing journey for my patients. Last year I was able to train and hire Dr. Jordan Lindblom, PT, DPT to join Pelvic Balance Physical Therapy. The practice grew quickly and I did not want to compromise the quality of care by taking on too many patients at a time. Dr. Lindblom and I have a small case-load and only accept new clients when the schedule allows. This ensures that we have the time to care for our health and our current patients. Pelvic Balance Physical Therapy strives to treat all patient’s with a holistic plan of care that is driven by compassion to ensure long term healing.
If you decide to work along side us in healing your mind, body, and soul we will ensure to give you our all and treat you like the amazing person that you are. We care tremendously about your success and ensuring that we give you nothing less than what we would want for our family.
With Love & Compassion,
Dr. Molly Hart, PT, DPT

Dr. Jordan Schmidt

Hello and welcome!
My name is Jordan Schmidt, and I am so glad that you have discovered Pelvic Balance Physical Therapy!
I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and give a little background on what led me to pelvic health physical therapy and, more specifically, working with Dr. Molly Hart.
I was fortunate enough to grow up in sunny Florida and spend most of my childhood playing at the beach with my three younger sisters and our friends. My mom stayed at home with her four girls encouraging fun games, beach adventures, and feeding our ever-ravenous stomachs. My dad was always an incredibly hard worker and opened his own software business when I was 7 years old after a serious MRSA scare that nearly caused an amputation of his right leg and caused months of unemployment due to quarantine. From an early age, I saw the importance of a strong support system and a belief that God will help those who help themselves.
I always knew I wanted to work WITH people to improve their health and wellness but was unsure of the capacity in which I wanted to do so. Unlike most of my fellow physical therapists, I personally was never sent to PT, although there were more than a few injuries growing up that I should have rehabilitated. Luckily, towards the end of high school, there was a neighborhood family friend that expressed her passion for the PT profession and the ability to help improve the quality of life and functional abilities of her patients. She encouraged me to observe various settings and physical therapists as I prepared to leave for college.
After high school, I continued to observe as many settings as possible while attending Florida State University to pursue a degree in Exercise Physiology. This particular course of study began to open my eyes to the sheer awesomeness and complexity of the human body. Required classes included anatomy, physiology, nutrition, food metabolism, psychology and exercise testing. I appreciated the foundation I was given at understanding that there is not one “thing” that can improve the body. Instead, exercise, food, mental health, and interpersonal relationships all play an important role.
Upon graduating from FSU, I attended the University of South Florida for my Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree where I was introduced to the pelvic health specialty during a series of guest lectures. I was shocked that I had never heard of pelvic health physical therapy during any of my observation experiences prior to starting school. I was even more shocked that none of the women in my life, including my mom who gave birth to four children and my grandmother who dealt with incontinence for many years, were never referred to this specialty. I was troubled by the numerous healthcare providers and procedures that most patients go through before ever being referred to a pelvic health PT. After listening to the pelvic PT specialists discuss the diagnoses and dysfunctions that can be treated successfully with pelvic health PT, I knew that this was an area I wanted to pursue.
It was during my final clinical rotation that I was at a PT Pub Night, which is a local networking night for PTs and PTAs, that I ran into Molly. She had also gone to USF but had been 2 classes above me, so our interaction in school had been brief. We began to discuss my interest in pelvic health physical therapy and my desire to provide the most comfortable, effective care possible in order to make the process a success for patients. I also expressed the frustration I had felt with patients receiving varying levels of care for their pelvic floor conditions. Molly expressed her frustration with providing appropriate care within a conventional outpatient clinic that utilized insurance and her desire to share her knowledge to the community as a means to help even more women (and men) than she was physically able to fit in her schedule at a traditional insurance-based clinic. I was impressed by her drive and passion to share her knowledge with current patients, online through social media, and with other healthcare providers.
I feel so fortunate that our discussion that night led to Molly asking me to be an associate physical therapist of Pelvic Balance Physical Therapy! She has taken my knowledge from the USF DPT program and clinical rotations and further taught me to understand the intricacies that bring her patients’ success with various pelvic floor dysfunctions, including chronic pelvic pain.
As I look back on this “chance” meeting with Molly, I can’t help but think that this relationship was meant to be. I feel that Molly has spared me the frustration that she experienced with the classic outpatient clinic and fighting with insurance to get patients the help that they desperately needed. Instead, I am able to utilize my knowledge and skills to create a partnership with patients that is not dictated by time constraints or insurance. Additionally, utilizing a multi-dimensional approach to address impairments, including nutrition education, self-care habits, and, of course, exercise, to provide patients with the knowledge and tools to take control of their health and wellness without relying on a healthcare provider is amazing!
I would be honored if you chose to work with me on your path to healing. Our partnership will consistent of treatment that is individualized to YOU and tools that will allow you to successfully address your condition, so you can get back to enjoying life pain-free and leak free!
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Dr. Jordan Schmidt, PT, DPT

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