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TheHappyV Formula

Holistic Vaginal-Self Care is the KEY to healing vaginal pain with sex and allowing for safe pleasure and comfort with intimacy again without the fear of pain.

TheHappyV Formula is the most insightful online program to easily learn holistic vaginal self-care.

TheHappyV Formula is the safest online program to heal vaginal pain and allow for pleasure and comfort with intimacy again.


CBD+ Arnica + Pearl Powder Cream For Chronic Pain

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CBD+Arnica Vaginal Moisturizer

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REJOICE Plus Sugar Free

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Vaginal Pelvic Floor Release Wand

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Rectal & Vaginal Pelvic Floor Release Wand

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IEASE Pneumatic Pelvic Muscle Trainer

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Plum Flower - Eight Righteous Teapills for reoccuring UTIs 200 ct

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