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Dr. Molly Hart, PT, DPT 

Welcome to Pelvic Balance Physical Therapy! 

I help women who have PAIN with SEX to CONNECT with their PARTNER again & SAFELY rebuild their INTIMACY without FEAR of STABBING PAIN.

What Is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy? 

Are you a woman that used to feel strong and confident in your body and sexuality...but now you feel like you have lost a piece of yourself, your life, and sexuality. Something happened that caused unexpected and unwanted vaginal pain and it won't seem to go away. The fear of not knowing why this happened and why nothing is helping to make it calm has sent you into a panic and absolute frustration with your body and intimacy. On top of that the gynecologist has not offered any help, your partner does not fully understand the amount of stabbing pain you are experiencing, and you are starting to wounder if this is just in your head because no one is validating what you are saying. 

First and foremost, THIS IS NOT IN YOUR HEAD. Your pain is very real and the intensity of that pain can not just be addressed with some Advil.


There are several reasons why Vaginal Pain can happen:

  • Child birth
  • Reoccurring vaginal infections
  • IUD placement
  • A recent massive trauma in life such as your mom passing away.
  • Hormone changes


There are several root cause reasons why vaginal pain starts and getting to the bottom of this is possible. Healing your vaginal pain is possible and I see ladies just like you heal every since month. I see them reconnect to their body, trust their vagina again, and slowly and safely reconnect with their partner to allow for intimacy again that is not focused around pain but instead connection and pleasure. I see ladies just like you toss away fear and gain understanding of their body and vagina...I see them become empowered and it is beautiful!

If this sounds like your story, then you are in the right place. Welcome, I am excited you are here and that you can finally start your journey of healing!


Pelvic Health PT Can Address all of these concerns: 

  •   Pain with sex (vulvodynia, dyspareunia)
  •   Leaking urine with cough, laughing, sneezing, exercise (stress incontinence)
  •   Urgency to urinate (urge incontinence)
  •   Night time bed wetting (nocturnal enuresis)
  •   Pain with urination (Interstitial cystitis)
  •   Pelvic organs- bladder, uterus, rectum - descending down into the vaginal canal (prolapse)
  •   Pain with bowel movements or in the rectum
  •  Constipation or diarrhea (IBS)
  •   Leaking fecal matter 
  •   Chronic very low back pain (Sacro-iliac Joint Dysfunction)
  •   Abdominal pain (endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, IBS, Crohn's)


If you are struggling with vaginal pain, there is no need to suffer any longer. Schedule a free consult today!

Treatment Tools That Dr. Molly Hart Utilizes To Treat Pelvic Health Concerns


Software (Telesis) that attaches externally near the pelvic floor muscles to allow women and men to see what their pelvic floor muscles are doing on a screen. You will be able to see if your muscles are relaxed or overactive and if you are able to perform a proper pelvic contraction (kegel) and relaxation. Dr. Hart uses this equipment to help you perform a pelvic floor muscle contraction and relaxation (Kegels) with proper core and breath coordination. This helps with vaginal/rectal pain, stress reduction & over activation of pelvic floor muscles, body awareness, urine & fecal leakage, pelvic organ prolapse, preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy, & postpartum recovery.


This is a hands-on massage-type treatment that is utilized to mobilize connective tissues in the body and ultimately calm the nervous system. The body likes to have mobility and freedom of movement. When myofascial tissue becomes stiff and rigid from trauma, scar tissue, hormone changes, surgeries, and/or inflammation it can make the nervous system hypersensitive. Mobilizing the myofascial tissues allows the body to have freedom of movement which is vital for the pelvic region to function properly. The bladder, uterus, intestines, rectum, and vagina all need to have movement to do their job appropriately and when myofascial tissue is restricted it can cause significant problems, hypersensitive nerves, increased danger messages, and therefore pain. Dr. Hart will also educate you on several ways you can perform this on yourself with simple treatment tools.


The nervous system is amazing beautiful and complex all at the same time. The nervous system is broken into several different categories. There is the central (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system (nerves coming from the brain and spinal cord that go to the rest of the body). The peripheral nervous system is further broken into the somatic (voluntary system we have control over) and the autonomic system (an involuntary system we don't have as much control over). This autonomic system is further broken into the sympathetic (fight or flight state) and the parasympathetic (calm state). When the sympathetic system is not balanced with the calm parasympathetic system the body will start to show physical symptoms of all kinds and often the way these symptoms are presented will dictate the diagnosis that people are given. The goal of stress reduction is to decrease the over activation of the sympathetic system and boast the parasympathetic system to allow the body to balance and heal itself (the body is far smarter than modern medicine with its ability to heal). Dr. Hart will help to educate you about the nervous system and how to use specific strategies to reduce stress on a day to day basis and allow the body to heal. This is where the true magic of healing happens.


Learn about the exercises required to treat your individual pain and health concerns, how to properly perform all exercises, and how to pace a program properly WITHOUT flaring pain. Dr. Hart will help you with commitment and accountability to perform an exercise program as well, because this tends to be the largest barrier for recovery.


Diet is immensely important for inflammation reduction and providing the body with the nutrients it needs to heal itself and mitochondria (energy producers of the cells). Inflammation and lack of nutrients significantly contribute to pain, depression, fatigue, and decreased mental clarity. Dr. Molly Hart will dive deep into your diet and help you SLOWLY make ideal changes in your diet. This is helpful for all autoimmune conditions, pain, weight loss, and preventative care.


Sleep is vital for recovery from chronic pain...but unfortunately with chronic pain most people have poor sleep quality. It has been found that if you take a healthy individual and sleep deprive them you can induce chronic pain into them...that is how important sleep is to our recovery. Dr. Hart will review effective techniques that help you conservatively improve your sleep quality without medications.


Learn about possible root causes for pain during intercourse and how to then address the root cause to decrease the pain. Dr. Hart will help you understand why libido is low, how past experiences and current environments play a massive role in your pain experience. Graded exposure to intimacy with a partner or yourself will be introduced to allow for a slow but appropriate recovery. Dr. Hart will teach you how to perform your own treatments to allow for a quicker recovery that you are in control of.


Learn about typical bathroom habits, how often you should be going pee during the day, how much water to intake, and how to conservatively decrease and control chronic UTI’s and yeast infections. Dr. Hart will teach you how to control the urge to urinate often and help get you on pee schedule that is normal to keep you out of the bathroom and searching for bathrooms constantly. Education about the food, drinks, and triggers that cause urine urgency and night time leakage. Education about a proper pelvic floor exercise program (Kegels) to strengthen your muscles and keep the pee in when you couch, laugh, sneeze, or exercise no matter how high your fitness level is.


Our bowel habits are so important. Often people will struggle with loose stools, constipation, or difficulty having a bowel movement and have to strain a lot. Dr. Hart will review simple changes in your diet to address the poor bowel quality (our poop should have a nice smooth snake-like consistency and if it does not that is an indicator that the gut health is off). It is important to get off of fiber supplements and address these concerns with diet and fluid intake, as fiber does not address the full problem. Some have difficulty having a bowel movement and strain excessively when trying to eliminate. This can cause downstream problems, especially for women with prolapse symptoms. Dr. Hart will educate you about how to position for a bowel movement and how to use breath techniques to make pooping easy, enjoyable, and stop you from straining.


One of the key steps to recovery from chronic pain is setting weekly and monthly goals. Dr. Hart will help you determine very realistic and simple goals each week to target, which will allow you to heal yourself. Dr. Hart will be your accountability coach through this process and help guide you the whole time you are working together inside and outside of the clinic space. Without having a purpose each day and goals to hit we tend to not be focused on our recovery...and without dedicated focus, I have found it is very difficult to heal.


Pain education is one of the most important aspects to recovery. Knowledge is power and gives you control over your pain. Dr. Adriaan Louw is who Dr. Hart learned the majority of her pain education from. Dr. Hart was in a VA chronic pain program for her last clinical rotation where she had over 12 new patients with significant chronic pain each week...this is where she learned that you can heal from chronic pain no matter how extreme it may seem. This information is what all healthcare providers should be teaching for recovery with chronic pain and will change your life!


If you are struggling with vaginal pain that is affecting your ability to be your best self and intimate with your partner... DO NOT WAIT any longer to get your life back.

Products We Offer:

CBD+ Arnica Cream & Lubricant For Chronic Pain 

REVAGINATION: This is a wonderful lubricant to use for pain in the vaginal tissues; as the CBD oil, arnica, and other natural oils allow for a calming effect on the pelvic nerves. The lubricant is made in the USA and has all-natural ingredients that were selected by Dr. Kym Caporale, DACM who is an acupuncture Physician. This lubricant is ideal to use daily for vaginal pain, when performing self-care treatments recommended by a pelvic health PT, and to use during intercourse. It can be purchased at the link below.

RIP+: This is a wonderful CBD, arnica, and pearl powder cream that helps to calm the nervous system to alleviate pain. The cream has a light beautiful smell and feels to it. The cream is made in the USA and has all-natural ingredients that were selected by Dr. Kym Caporale, DACM who is an acupuncture physician. This is ideal to place on all external body tissues when persistent pain is present. It can be purchased at the link below.

Book "Session" to Purchase the Product (it is not an actual session) - Shopify will not allow CBD products to be sold on this site, therefore my service website is being utilized. Thank you!



Rectal & Vaginal Pelvic Floor Release Wand

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Vaginal Pelvic Floor Release Wand

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IEASE Pneumatic Pelvic Muscle Trainer

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For over a year I have been seeing Molly for different reasons. I can say she is great and loves to take care of her patients. I am doing great physically and mentally because of Molly. I look forward to my sessions because she helps me be accountable for doing my homework at home. She is very patient and supportive. I would recommend anyone who needs to get well to go see her.

Click here for video testimonial

--- Murielle L.

Ladies....Molly Hart is the real deal! I have had chronic pelvic floor pain for 7 1/2 years and with Molly’s treatment, I’m becoming ME again! I’ve made huge progress from where I once was with Molly’s guidance. She cares and educates you on your body and mind. Last year when I first saw Molly she immediately connected my pain to my mind....that my mind needed to connect with my pain and how to control it. Understanding that I realized I had to stop hating my body for letting me down. I had to work with my body to make it stronger while fighting through the pain. She taught me how to release spasms on my own, calm my body, rest in stages and gave me exercises to do.
It took time to get my body all connected, but it all started to work. This year having Molly come to my home for a full HOUR session is awesome! She took a full assessment of my eating habits, Vitamins and pain level. She then guided me through a new workout program based on my pain level. I do my workouts, walk almost every day, watch what I eat and I’ve made huge progress. I can wear clothes again, clean my home, drive my car and enjoy sex with my husband and I can ride the Motorcycle! I’m back to enjoying life again! Molly is my angel, captain, and biggest supporter. I know if your reading this you are in pain....take control of it and call Molly. She will change your life for the better—-I guarantee it!

--- Beth R.

Since my total hysterectomy 11 years ago, and a diagnosis of interstitial cystitis a few years ago, pelvic and bladder pain was just a daily occurrence. It was not a matter of 'if' the pain would show up, but what I could do that day to curtail my daily functions because the pain sometimes ruled my life. One day my doctor suggested pelvic floor PT and true to me, I put it off for way too long; the pain had to get too great. I am so glad I picked up the phone and made that first appointment with Molly. I was apprehensive as to what these sessions would entail, and within two minutes, Molly made me feel so at ease. Her spirit is so full of compassion and sympathy - I not only physically began to feel amazing, but I really enjoyed our talks about how to be responsible and accountable for my physical health through diet, exercise, self-care. Do yourself a favor and commit to healing yourself. I know I could not feel as I do today without Molly's help. She is truly talented.

--- Stephanie H.


If you are struggling with long term vaginal pain, there is no need to suffer any longer. Schedule a free consult today!

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