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"Dr. Molly Knight is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and passionate. Her practice is patient-centric and really focuses on mentoring and providing growth for her patients. She truly listens and arranges effective, individualized care plans that addresses core issues as well as problems that could arise. Rest assured, you are in great caring hands with Dr. Knight."

-- Vivien Riley

"Molly is so fabulous to work with! She's very passionate about her work, knowledgeable, & so personable too. I thoroughly enjoyed every visit & feel I've made such a sweet friend in the process! I also learned so much & am grateful for the time she took with me. Thank you Molly for all you do!"

-- Summer Morris

"I found Molly when I was at the end of my rope and I thought I would have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. She listened, she taught and she fixed me. I sit here typing this pain-free for many weeks now after 5 long years of tremendous pain and numerous unnecessary surgeries and procedures. Molly is that person that you don’t find too often in this world anymore. The passion for making me feel better was personal to her and she will never know just how much I thank God that I found her."

-- Greg Vineberg

"Molly completely changed my life. I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year and I had surgery in March of last year. It was a huge surgery and required a lot of physical therapy to get back to health again. I came to molly shortly after surgery. She was the first physician to ever listen to me and my needs. She takes time with you, you will never feel rushed. She is so empathetic and really cares about your well being first. She puts her heart and soul into her practice. I have found more relief with molly than with any other physician or treatment. I recommend everyone to see her you won't regret it. She has also truly become a great friend."

-- Daniris Ocasio

"Molly is an amazing therapist and person. She is so thorough and so caring. She has been an instrumental part of my recovery and I can't thank her enough. She is amazing at explaining the whys and hows of your body and how that plays in with your goals and the process of achieving them. That to me makes a huge difference than someone coming in and just telling you to do this or that. I highly recommend Molly, she is dedicated, personable and driven."

-- Becky S

"I was recommended to Molly from my current physical therapist for pain in my coccyx bone. He told me I may need to see a pelvic floor therapist for my issue because my pain wasn’t going away. I was super nervous, but I decided to meet with Molly over video chat since I am from NY for a consult. I immediately felt at ease and was super comfortable with her. Molly is such a genuine person who cares for all of her patients. She took the time to listen to all of my questions and concerns. I am someone who suffers from a lot of anxiety, and she told me that my condition is stress-related. She recommended that I order a pelvic wand from her to start and helped me to feel confident in using it (even tho I was extremely nervous to use it) Not only has she helped me in using this wand to decrease my pain every week until it was gone, but she has been such an amazing help in how to handle anxiety and day to day stresses. She gives breathing techniques and has helped even with sleeping at night. I now know how important self-care is, thanks to her and it honestly has been life-changing. I would recommend her to everyone because even if you don’t have back pain or a need for use of a pelvic wand, it is so important to have self-care in your everyday life. I have never been informed about how vital this is."

-- Jillian Cleary

"I went to Molly for about 6 months, and continue to see her on an as-needed basis, to treat my chronic pain and I can say without a doubt that she has made such a huge difference in my life. She is very patient and understanding, she educates you on why what she’s doing works and how it works (which makes home exercises and stretches so much easier to actually accomplish). I’m feeling so much better mentally and physically and I know that’s because of her! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs treatment."

-- Hannah H

"This first thing I asked Dr. Molly Hart on the phone is, “do you treat guys?” I was skeptical before making the call not really knowing what I was getting into, however, she took the time over the phone to describe exactly what and how she could help. I recently underwent an abdominal surgery that left me in a clear amount of abdominal restriction pain and visiting the bathroom more than I care to say. Dr. Hart has significantly reduced my discomfort with her plan of care and her teamwork style approach to treatment. I can’t recommend her enough. She truly understands what it means to give good healthcare in a society that seems to have forgotten it entirely."

-- Jake Tishman

"For over a year I have been seeing Molly for different reasons. I can say she is great and love to take care of her patients. I am doing great physically and mentally because of Molly. I look forward to my sessions because she helps me be accountable for doing my homework at home. She is very patient and supportive . I would recommend anyone who needs to get well to go see her."

-- Murielle Lamothe

"Ladies...Molly Hart is the real deal! I have had chronic pelvic floor pain for 7 1/2 years and with Molly’s treatment, I’m becoming ME again! I’ve made huge progress from where I once was with Molly’s guidance. She cares and educates you on your body and mind. Last year when I first saw Molly she immediately connected my pain to my mind....that my mind needed to connect with my pain and how to control it. Understanding that I realized I had to stop hating my body for letting me down. I had to work with my body to make it stronger while fighting through the pain. She taught me how to release spasms on my own, calm my body, rest in stages and gave me exercises to do. It took time to get my body all connected, but it all started to work.

This year having Molly come to my home for a full HOUR session is awesome! She took a full assessment of my eating habits, Vitamins and pain level. She then guided me through a new workout program based on my pain level. I do my workouts, walk almost every day, watch what I eat and I’ve made huge progress. I can wear clothes again, clean my home, drive my car and enjoy sex with my husband and I can ride the Motorcycle! I’m back to enjoying life again! Molly is my angel, captain, and biggest supporter. I know if your reading this you are in pain....take control of it and call Molly. She will change your life for the better—-I guarantee it!"

-- Beth Redmond

"Molly is fantastic! She understands and has wonderful advice. She’s the first physical therapist in 5+ years who has been able to give me practical advice for self-treatment at home. Her advice is solid and the techniques work! Thank you, Molly!"

-- Kim Dugay

"Dr. Molly Knight is one of the most brilliant people I know! She has helped me evolve as a physical therapist, emotionally and spiritually! I would recommend her to anyone looking for help! She is just a bright and beautiful pleasure to be around! Watch out she’s contagious and addictive! Once you get a taste..."

-- Sammy Marie Martin-Hughes

"Molly is an outstanding therapist she not only has the head knowledge she also has the heart her compassion is what makes her patients succeed."

-- Patricia Smith

"Since my total hysterectomy 11 years ago, and a diagnosis of interstitial cystitis a few years ago, pelvic and bladder pain was just a daily occurrence. It was not a matter of 'if' the pain would show up, but what I could do that day to curtail my daily functions because the pain sometimes ruled my life. One day my doctor suggested pelvic floor PT and true to me, I put it off for way too long; the pain had to get too great. I am so glad I picked up the phone and made that first appointment with Molly. I was apprehensive as to what these sessions would entail, and within two minutes, Molly made me feel so at ease.

Her spirit is so full of compassion and sympathy - I not only physically began to feel amazing, but I really enjoyed our talks about how to be responsible and accountable for my physical health through diet, exercise, self-care. Do yourself a favor and commit to healing yourself. I know I could not feel as I do today without Molly's help. She is truly talented."

-- Stephanie Hiday

"Molly Knight is one of the most determined people I know. She truly cares about her patients and wants to see a significant change for the better. Beyond that, she makes her patients feel at ease and comfortable. She graduated at the top of her class and has continuing education making her extremely knowledgeable on this topic."

-- Alexandra Oliveros

"Dr. Molly Knight is hands down one of the most passionate and knowledgeable physical therapists I know. I have had the pleasure of working with her for the past 6 months, and I've watched her help more people than many therapists are able to help in 6 years. She truly cares about her patients and will always strive to provide them with the best care. I highly recommend everyone with a pelvic floor issue to contact her. She will go above and beyond to get you better!"

-- Jen Hosler

"Dr. Molly Knight is a very progressive thinking physical therapist. I've never been treated by her, but as a healthcare professional, I have 100% confidence in her abilities. She's very knowledgeable in exercise, rehab, pelvic floor dysfunction, and chronic pain. I'm confident referring patients to Dr. Molly so they can receive the best care they deserve. You're in amazing hands at Pelvic Balance Physical Therapy!"

-- Ryan Hosler

"Molly has given me back my quality of life. For years I’ve been struggling with chronic pelvic floor pain. The pain was so bad that I wasn’t able to sit at all without pain or even wear underwear. Everyday life was about my pain, What I could or couldn’t do because of the pain. I was diagnosed with prolapse two years ago and have been doing pelvic floor therapy and my pain has decreased. I’ve been doing therapy with Molly for six months and she is amazing. Not only is my pain decreasing with the therapy but she has taught me how to take control of my pain instead of the pain having control! I had to start working on my own mind control, walking, exercise, stretching and releasing internal spasms myself.

All of these things combined have given me such a better quality of life! I will no longer let myself fall into depression over my pain. I will no longer let my pain prevent me from making love with my husband. I will no longer let my pain have control! Thanks to Molly and her pelvic floor therapy I have myself back. I can’t stress enough if any woman has been told to have this therapy Molly is your therapist to go to. She will change your life for the better! Thanks, Molly for your inspiration and support!!"

-- Beth R.

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