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Understand How To Perform A Proper Kegel & Progress Your Home Program

Read the KEGEL 101 Handout to understand how to gain back strength of your pelvic floor. Stop urine leakage and/or pain from pelvic organ prolapse. There is NO NEED for surgery majority of the time. Use your beautiful bodies abilities to cure your pelvic health concerns now!

Mindfulness Practice For Calming "Danger' Signals In The Body

Learn 3 steps to help you master being mindful of your thoughts and reprogram your mind to be in a "safe" mode to allow for true healing

Online Courses

Have you ever had pelvic health concerns that lead you to the urologist and/or gynecologist? Did you know that a lot of pelvic health concerns can be holistically managed with pelvic health physical therapy? In fact, it is often the FIRST LINE of treatment based on high quality research, but often doctors do not recommend this conservative care first. Check out our proven online courses for a variety of concerns (urine leakage, urinary urgency, pelvic pain, pain with sex, constipation) and start healing today.

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