Mamas... Are You Ready To Stop Experiencing Urine Leakage, Heavy Pressure Down Under, Regain Your Pelvic Floor Strength While Helping Your Baby Achieve Their Milestones?

And best of all... you can do this all in the comfort of your own home

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Hey, Mama! How would your life be different... if you could:

☑️ Regain Pelvic Floor & Core Strength

☑️ Prevent Urine Leakage & Pelvic Organ Prolapse

☑️ Fix Your Diastasis Recti

☑️ Live A Life Without Pain In Your  Back, Pubic Symphysis, & SI Joint

☑️ Have Pleasurable Sex & Experience Stronger Orgasms Again

☑️ Connect With Your Partner Again On A Safe Intimate Level

☑️ Learn How to Play & Exercise With Baby To Help Them Develop Motor Milestones Well


From Dr. Molly Hart

St Petersburg, FL

Dear Mama,

If you have ever felt alone, lost, and overwhelmed as a new (or even experienced) mom and you're not sure what you should do for your postpartum health and body...

All while having to juggle all the new mom tasks, doctors visits, taking care of your family, watching the household chores build up, and all with "Mom Brain" (yes, it's a thing- I had it too).

It's not your fault.

You probably have everyone pulling in different directions on what you should do as mom, what's best for them, and have no clue who to listen to because some of the advice you get from one person is the exact opposite of another person you trust. 

We all have our own journey and unique experiences with pregnancy, child birth, and how our body changes after birth. 

There's no doubt about that.

Deciding where to start or who to listen to can be overwhelming.

 You don't know who to ask. 

❌ You're afraid you might be the exception to the rule.

❌ You feel like you might make your body worse.

❌ You think it'll just go away on it's own, but it hasn't.

You're stuck because you've Googled, asked questions in Facebook forums, followed an Instagram influencers advice... and nothing has helped.

 You have tried before, failed, and don't have time to gamble with yours and your child's health.

I can relate.

I have a baby of my own. I am a Doctor that specializes in Women's Pelvic Health and even I experienced significant pain after having my little girl even though I am the one that normally helps my patients through this.

I didn't panic. Luckily, I have helped so many women in my shoes heal postpartum. But, as I was healing myself postpartum I realized that the knowledge I had needed to be shared to ALL MAMAS. 


I never thought I would have to go through it myself.

I created this because I didn't want Mamas to have to worry about one more thing. I understand how quickly your time gets spread thin.

I wanted to save new moms from pelvic floor problems, time, and from headaches of trying to piece all these little things together. 

I have put together...

The Postpartum Mama & Baby Workshop 

The Step-By-Step Program For Moms To Regain Strength

Back In Their Pelvic Floor & Body While Playing With Their Baby To Help With Motor Milestone Development

This Workshop Will Build Your Body Back

So You Can Feel Confident Again

➡️ Walk Of Those Mama Rolls so you can safely progress walking distance for your body and not have achy pain

➡️ Take Care Of Our Mama V for quick and ideal healing of our vagina postpartum

➡️ Massaging The "V" or C-Section Scar so you can mobilize and calm pain at these sites (important for sex to not hurt postpartum)

➡️ Kegels 101 so you can strengthen your pelvic floor for LIFE the right way

➡️ Pelvic & Back Pain Treatments to heal and rehab your body and go back to what you love doing physically

➡️ Fixing Your Diastsis Recti To have a strong and firm belly

➡️ Making SEX Fun Again so you don't have to suffer in pain and can enjoy intimacy with your partner again

➡️ BONUS: 9 Baby & Mama Play Time Topics with Pediatric PT Expert, Dr. Jeanine Freeberg

➡️ BONUS: 8 Weeks Of Postpartum Workouts to strengthen your core and pelvic floor

Signing Up For This Workshop Means...

You will dramatically reduce the TIME it takes to get your strong healthy body back which will get you moving and enjoying life the way you want to! You will learn how to take back control of any back pain, pelvic pain, urine leakage, abdomen weakness, and make sex fun again.
So often us mamas can head down a direction that dooesn't allow us to take care of ourselves. How can we take care of our baby, family, work, and home without taking care of us first?
This healthy pospartum rehab program will allow you to play with your baby and help them delveop their muscles and movemnet better as well!
The Postpartum Mama & Baby Workshop will help you clarify how to get your body back at YOUR OWN pace and all at the comfort of your home!
It's never too late to take care of your body and health. Even if it's taking baby steps at a time to get there.
✔️Sign Up For The Postpartum Mama & Baby Workshop Today

See What Others Have To Say

"Dr Molly Hart is absolutely amazing. When I met her I was 4mths postpartum and thought I had been doomed to the incontinence, puffy c section scar, painful intercourse, and lots of postpartum fat. But she gave me all the tools to get back on track, and for that I am truly grateful. She is worth every penny! Also she is insanely inspirational, kind, beautiful and mood boosting in all aspects. If you are looking into taking care of yourself properly, seek out her help and do whatever she asks. Your body and mind will thank you (and her)."

ShariB Lugo ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ✅ Google Verified

"All I can say is “WOW” .... This incredible woman, Dr. Molly Hart blew my expectations out of the water! At 23, I found myself a few years deep in a very lost place as I struggled with my concerns/pain —and seeking for something I did not expect to exist for help. Finally, I came across her page. I felt immediately drawn in by her bio, her passion, her education, her motives. I had to go! And “WOW”! She proved to be all that and more! Not only was I given a holistic approach to my concerns; Dr. Molly Hart was extremely patient, and admit on assuring I had a safe place to heal, balance my mind with body, shared lots of education, provided support, and thoroughly invested herself to me at every appointment! I successfully completed an 8 week treatment plan that has been a life change and breakthrough!! If I could tell everyone to go see a PFPT (concerns or not) I’d tell them to go —and I’d send them here! Some times the “duh” factors aren’t so comprehensive until you’re actually utilizing them or really learning the functions of what’s going on with our wonderfully, complexed bodies! “Bite the bullet”, invest in yourself, give her a call. An amazing experience to say the least. (“Man.. I feel like a woman”) THANK YOU, Dr. MOLLY HART!!"

Angel F. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | ✅ Google Verified

"Dr. Molly Hart is one of the most thorough practitioners I have been treated by in my life. I had a concern with a prolapse and wanted to strengthen my pelvic floor. She addressed these issues and after a series of treatments, therapies, & exercises with Dr Hart I can happily say I achieved fantastic results. I feel like a new woman! I have such confidence now overall and feel through her guidance I have no worries moving forward regarding my concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Hart!"

Kathleen Stephenson ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google Verified

Here's What You Are Going To Get

1) For The Mama

You just carried a baby for 9 months and gave birth to a beautiful human being. Start your journey of healing day 1 of having your baby to get rid of back & pelvic pain, taking care of your "V", fix your diastasis recti, and of course, know when you can return to fun, pleasurable sex.  ($997 Value)

2) For The Baby

It can be difficult to know if your baby is progressing on time with their movement milestones. We have 9 Baby & Mama Play Time topics to optimize crawling, walking, and reaching their milestones all while having fun! ($997 Value)

3) Safely Return To Exercise

There are 3 workouts a week for 8 weeks to safely get you back to working out without injuring yourself. Most new moms are either scared to return to working out postpartum in fear of hurting themselves OR some jump right back into it at almost full intensity which ends up leading to a lot of issues (like the ones we help with this workshop). ($497 Value)

4) Access On Phone App

The Postpartum Mama & Baby Workshop can be viewed on your phone anytime, anywhere for ultimate convenience($97 Value)

5) Short Digestible Videos

You do not have enough time to go through super long videos as a mom. I now know that we always have a never ending list of tasks to complete. The Pelvic Health & Baby Play Time Videos are short, to the point, and provide quick results($97 Value)

Total Value: $2685   

Today: Only $49 for Mamas!

Yes, we've charged past clients this price before, but we are looking to help thousands of new moms to HELP PREVENT PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION!

**This price will not be this low forever.**

Sign Up Here To Strengthen Your Mom Body For You & Your Baby

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($2,685 Value)

Helping Mamas to rehab their body the RIGHT way and PREVENT pelvic floor issues now and in the future.


30- Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee! Pelvic Balance PT stands behind this information and we know that you can have a strong and healthy pelvic floor if you give this course a proper try.

If you complete the whole program and don't see results in 1 months, we will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please just email us and let us know!

Frequent Questions From Other Moms 

If You Are Not Sure If The Postpartum Mama & Baby Workshop Is For You

Please Take A Second To Ask Yourself The Following Questions...

Are you struggling with urine leakage?
pain with sex?

Are you unsure of how and what exercises to do for get your core strength back?
​Do you want to safely and confidently go back to pleasurable sex with your partner again?
​Would you like to learn how to live a life without back pain, SI joint pain, or Pubic Symphysis Pain? 
Have you started looking up info from all over the internet and are confused on the steps you should take in your postpartum health?
​Are you trying to figure out how to make sure your baby doesn't fall behind with reaching their milestones?
​Are you convinced you need to make changes in your health to achieve the life you want, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take?
If you answered YES to ANY of the questions above, then I want to invite you to Sign Up for The Postpartum Mama & Baby Workshop to finally take back control of your body and health.
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