Ready To Stop Experiencing Vaginal Pain With Sex So You

Can Finally Have Safe And Pleasurable Intimacy Again?

You are not alone. You deserve to connect with your partner without fear of pain.


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Maybe This Sounds Familiar...

"Pain with sex is normal"

"Drinking wine/alcohol will help with pain with sex"

"The pain will get better on it's own"

"Just deal with it"

"Does it really hurt that bad?"

"Your doctor 'cleared' you so you shouldn't have any pain"

Oh a personal favorite... "Just do kegels all day and it will get better"

There’s a secret about having painless sex with stronger orgasms, that very few women know.

What if I told you that you could stop having pelvic pain, or even painful sex ...

End the cycle of trying to make excuses to your partner of why you can't have sex today...

And finally, get rid of vaginal pain and heal your vagina from the comfort of your own home....

The truth is, you can’t find a permanent solution because of one reason (and one reason only)…

You’re getting poor general advice from non-experts.

And yes, it’s really that simple.

That’s the thing that’s in the way.

That’s the obstacle.

You don’t want to ignore the advice from friends, other healthcare providers, or that influencer, (and look, it’s not even your fault), but you could be hurting yourself more.

You’ve simply learned about healing your vagina in the wrong ways and you need some guidance.

I’m a highly trained Doctor of Physical Therapy- specialized in Pelvic Health


CEO of a thriving Pelvic Health Practice in St. Pete, FL treating chronic pelvic pain conditions

(Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia, Interstitial cystitis, Painful Bladder Syndrome, Endometriosis, Pudendal Neuralgia, Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction)


Wife + Mama


Passionate for advocating for my patients 


Have helped hundreds of women over the last few years with their Pelvic/Vaginal health


Absolutely LOVE helping women who have PAIN with SEX to CONNECT with their PARTNER again & SAFELY rebuild their INTIMACY without FEAR of PAIN.


And this is exactly why I created...



The Happy V Formula 

The most insightful online program to easily learn vaginal self-care.

TheHappyV is the safest online program to heal vaginal pain and allow for pleasure and comfort with intimacy again.

➡️ Learn WHY You Are Having Pain...there are multiple reasons why you have pelvic/vaginal pain. And it can't be a one size-fits-all solution

➡️ Determine if you are over or under doing things

➡️ Master How To Reprogram your nervous system and pain 

➡️ Find Out how you can heal yourself without medication or surgery

➡️ Become a "Vaginal Self-Treatment Guru"

➡️ Discover how you can heal with food

➡️ Get exercises that HEAL not Harm

➡️ Making SEX Fun Again so you can safely spark intimacy with your partner with excitement and free of fear and pain


Applying For Thee HappyV Formula Means...

You will dramatically reduce the TIME it takes to learn how to take back control of your pelvic and/or vaginal pain, and make sex fun again.
So often us women can head down a direction that doesn't allow us to take care of ourselves. How can we take care of our baby, family, home, and errands without taking care of us first?
The HappyV Formula will help you clarify how to get rid your pelvic at in 8-12 WEEKS and all at the comfort of your home!
It's never too late to go back to not only being comfortable having sex, but have amazing orgasms too!
Since this program will have 1:1 calls with me, we can't take everyone.
Click below to get on a call and apply to see if you qualify for our HappyV Formula.
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Experiences From Women Who Taken The HappyV Formula


"Molly completely changed my life. I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year and I had surgery in March of last year. It was a huge surgery and required a lot of physical therapy to get back to health again. I came to molly shortly after surgery. She was the first physician to ever listen to me and my needs. She takes time with you, you will never feel rushed. She is so empathetic and really cares about your well being first. She puts her heart and soul into her practice. I have found more relief with molly than with any other physician or treatment. I recommend everyone to see her you won't regret it. She has also truly become a great friend."

- Daniris Ocasio  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Google Verified

"Ladies...Molly Hart is the real deal! I have had chronic pelvic floor pain for 7 1/2 years and with Molly’s treatment, I’m becoming ME again! I’ve made huge progress from where I once was with Molly’s guidance. She cares and educates you on your body and mind. Last year when I first saw Molly she immediately connected my pain to my mind....that my mind needed to connect with my pain and how to control it. Understanding that I realized I had to stop hating my body for letting me down. I had to work with my body to make it stronger while fighting through the pain. She taught me how to release spasms on my own, calm my body, rest in stages and gave me exercises to do. It took time to get my body all connected, but it all started to work. This year having Molly come to my home for a full HOUR session is awesome! She took a full assessment of my eating habits, Vitamins and pain level. She then guided me through a new workout program based on my pain level. I do my workouts, walk almost every day, watch what I eat and I’ve made huge progress. I can wear clothes again, clean my home, drive my car and enjoy sex with my husband and I can ride the Motorcycle! I’m back to enjoying life again! Molly is my angel, captain, and biggest supporter. I know if you're reading this you are in pain....take control of it and call Molly. She will change your life for the better—-I guarantee it!"

-Beth Redmond ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ✅ Google Verified

"Since my total hysterectomy 11 years ago, and a diagnosis of interstitial cystitis a few years ago, pelvic and bladder pain was just a daily occurrence. It was not a matter of 'if' the pain would show up, but what I could do that day to curtail my daily functions because the pain sometimes ruled my life. One day my doctor suggested pelvic floor PT and true to me, I put it off for way too long; the pain had to get too great. I am so glad I picked up the phone and made that first appointment with Molly. I was apprehensive as to what these sessions would entail, and within two minutes, Molly made me feel so at ease. Her spirit is so full of compassion and sympathy - I not only physically began to feel amazing, but I really enjoyed our talks about how to be responsible and accountable for my physical health through diet, exercise, self-care. Do yourself a favor and commit to healing yourself. I know I could not feel as I do today without Molly's help. She is truly talented."

-Stephanie Hiday ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | ✅ Google Verified

So, What All Is Inside The HappyV Formula?

1) The HappyV Formula + Personalized Care

You will get The HappyV Formula with pre-recorded videos along with...

6, one-on-one 30 minute sessions online with Dr. Molly Hart. These sessions will allow for an easy but detailed personal plan of care just FOR YOU and coaching from Dr. Hart as you go through the whole program to ensure ultimate success.

Due to the 1:1 coaching and care you will get, spots will be limited. 

2) Healing ToolKit

-Pelvic Wand: Magical Vagina Healing Wand

-Slippery Stuff Personal Lube: Best Lube Ever For Self Treatment & Sex

-Revagination (CBD+Arnica+Natural Oils): Vaginal Moisturizer That Is Heaven For Our Vagina

-RIP+ (CBD+Arnica) Cream: Best For External Nerve Healing 

-Body Massager: For Super Healing Tissue Work 

-Why Pelvic Pain Hurts Book 

-Booklet with Healing Handouts & Journal To Guide, Organize, and Keep You Accountable Through The Course

3) Community

Added to TheHappyV Formula Private Facebook Group where members can all safely discuss their questions and progress through the course & be able to interact with Dr. Molly Hart when questions arise. 

4) Access On Phone App

The HappyV Formula can be viewed on your phone anytime, anywhere for ultimate convenience.

5) Short Digestible Videos

You do not have enough time to go through super long videos as a mom. I now know that we always have a never ending list of tasks to complete. The videos are short, to the point, and provide quick results

30- Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee! Pelvic Balance PT stands behind this information and we know that you can have a strong and healthy pelvic floor if you give this course a proper try.

If you complete the whole program and don't see results in 1 month, we will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please just email us and let us know!

If You Are Not Sure If The HappyV Formula Is For You

Please Take Second To Ask Yourself The Following Questions...

Are you frustrated with having pelvic pain with sex?

Are you unsure of how and what to do to heal your vagina on your own?
​Do you want to safely and confidently go back to pleasurable sex with your partner again?
​Would you like to learn how to life a life without vaginal pain? 
Have you started looking up info from all over the internet and are confused on the steps you should take in your pelvic health?
​Are you tired of debilitating pain that can unpredictably give you searing pain? 
​Are you exhausted on being ignored by providers but you really want to find a solution, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take?
If you answered YES to ANY of the questions above, then I want to invite you to Apply for The  HappyV Formula to finally take back control of your body and health.
**There are limited spots due to the personalized 1:1 help you will get from Dr. Molly Hart.**
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