TheHappyV Formula

Holistic Vaginal-Self Care is the KEY to healing vaginal pain with sex and allowing for safe pleasure and comfort with intimacy again without the fear of pain.

TheHappyV Formula is the most insightful online program to easily learn holistic vaginal self-care.

TheHappyV Formula is the safest online program to heal vaginal pain and allow for pleasure and comfort with intimacy again.

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TheHappyV Formula

Heal Persistent Vaginal Pain For Good, Get Your Life Back!

1) Access to TheHappyV Formula - $2,105 Value

2) 6, one-on-one 30 minute sessions online with Dr. Molly Hart. These sessions will allow for an easy but detailed personal plan of care just FOR YOU and coaching from Dr. Hart as you go through the whole program to ensure ultimate success. - $900 Value

3) Healing ToolKit: $395.95 Value

  • Pelvic Wand: Magical Vagina Healing Wand - $40.00 Value
  • Slippery Stuff Personal Lube:      Best Lube Ever For Self Treatment & Sex - $6.00 Value
  • Revagination (CBD+Arnica+Natural Oils): Vaginal Moisturizer That Is Heaven For Our Vagina- $45.00 Value
  • RIP+ (CBD+Arnica) Cream: Best For External Nerve Healing - $45 Value
  • Body Massager: For Super Healing Tissue Work - $40.00 Value
  • Why Pelvic Pain Hurts Book - $19.95 Value
  • Booklet with Healing Handouts & Journal To Guide, Organize, and Keep You Accountable Through The Course - $200 Value

4) Added to TheHappyV Formula Private Facebook Group where members can all safely discuss their questions and progress through the course & be able to interact with Dr. Molly Hart when questions arise. 

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Written Testimonials

"Ladies...Molly Hart is the real deal! I have had chronic pelvic floor pain for 7 1/2 years and with Molly’s treatment, I’m becoming ME again! I’ve made huge progress from where I once was with Molly’s guidance. She cares and educates you on your body and mind. Last year when I first saw Molly she immediately connected my pain to my mind....that my mind needed to connect with my pain and how to control it. Understanding that I realized I had to stop hating my body for letting me down. I had to work with my body to make it stronger while fighting through the pain. She taught me how to release spasms on my own, calm my body, rest in stages and gave me exercises to do. It took time to get my body all connected, but it all started to work.

This year having Molly come to my home for a full HOUR session is awesome! She took a full assessment of my eating habits, Vitamins and pain level. She then guided me through a new workout program based on my pain level. I do my workouts, walk almost every day, watch what I eat and I’ve made huge progress. I can wear clothes again, clean my home, drive my car and enjoy sex with my husband and I can ride the Motorcycle! I’m back to enjoying life again! Molly is my angel, captain, and biggest supporter. I know if your reading this you are in pain....take control of it and call Molly. She will change your life for the better—-I guarantee it!"

-- Beth Redmond

"Since my total hysterectomy 11 years ago, and a diagnosis of interstitial cystitis a few years ago, pelvic and bladder pain was just a daily occurrence. It was not a matter of 'if' the pain would show up, but what I could do that day to curtail my daily functions because the pain sometimes ruled my life. One day my doctor suggested pelvic floor PT and true to me, I put it off for way too long; the pain had to get too great. I am so glad I picked up the phone and made that first appointment with Molly. I was apprehensive as to what these sessions would entail, and within two minutes, Molly made me feel so at ease.

Her spirit is so full of compassion and sympathy - I not only physically began to feel amazing, but I really enjoyed our talks about how to be responsible and accountable for my physical health through diet, exercise, self-care. Do yourself a favor and commit to healing yourself. I know I could not feel as I do today without Molly's help. She is truly talented."

-- Stephanie Hiday

"Molly completely changed my life. I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year and I had surgery in March of last year. It was a huge surgery and required a lot of physical therapy to get back to health again. I came to molly shortly after surgery. She was the first physician to ever listen to me and my needs. She takes time with you, you will never feel rushed. She is so empathetic and really cares about your well being first. She puts her heart and soul into her practice. I have found more relief with molly than with any other physician or treatment. I recommend everyone to see her you won't regret it. She has also truly become a great friend."

-- Daniris Ocasio

"I went to Molly for about 6 months, and continue to see her on an as-needed basis, to treat my chronic pain and I can say without a doubt that she has made such a huge difference in my life. She is very patient and understanding, she educates you on why what she’s doing works and how it works (which makes home exercises and stretches so much easier to actually accomplish). I’m feeling so much better mentally and physically and I know that’s because of her! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs treatment."

-- Hannah H

"Molly is an outstanding therapist she not only has the head knowledge she also has the heart her compassion is what makes her patients succeed."

-- Patricia Smith

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