$2,685 Workshop, Gifting It To Mama's For Only $49!

Money-Back Guarantee! Pelvic Balance PT stands behind this information and we know that you can have a strong and healthy pelvic floor if you give this course a proper try.

If you complete the whole program and don't see results in 1 month, we will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please just email us and let us know!


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Postpartum Mama & Baby Workshop

Results You Will Gain:

  1. No More Urine Leakage
  2. More Pleasure With Sex & Orgasm Intensity
  3. How to Play & Exercise With Baby To Help Them Develop Motor Milestones Well
  4. Overall Stong Body (Arms, Core, Legs)
  5. Regain Pelvic Floor & Core Strength
  6. Correct Diastasis Recti
  7. Calm Back, Pubic Symphysis, & SIJ Pain
  8. Restore Bowel, Bladder, Sexual Functions
  9. C-section & Vaginal Scar Mobilization

What will the Course Contain?

  1. 3 weekly workout videos with Dr. Molly Hart
  2. 9, Vital Pelvic Health Topics 
  3. 9, Baby & Mama Play Time Topics To Optimaze Motor Milestones
  4. Private Facebook Group & Online Course Access on Computer Or Phone!

8 Pelvic Health Topics with Dr. Molly Hart

  1. Walk Of Those Mama Rolls

  2. Pubic Symphysis & Sacro-Iliac Pain Treatments
  3. Taking Care Of Our Mama V

  4. What Happened To My V!?

  5. Kegels 101

  6. Diastasis Recti 101

  7. Bringing It All Together With Exercise

  8. Time To Massage That V

  9. Let’s Make Sex Fun Again

9 Baby & Mama Play Time Topics with Dr. Jeanine Freeberg

  1. Mom & Newborn Connection 101

  2. Knead Those Baby Rolls

  3. Work Those Baby Rolls

  4. Tummy Time & More

  5. Rolling Rolling Rolling Keep those Babies Rolling:

  6. You Need More Than A Baby Gate Now

  7. No Butt Scooting Allowed

  8. And They Are Off To The Races

  9. Frequently Asked Questions

What People Are Saying:

For over a year I have been seeing Molly for different reasons. I can say she is great and love to take care of her patients. I am doing great physically and mentally because of Molly. I look forward to my sessions because she helps me be accountable for doing my homework at home. She is very patient and supportive . I would recommend anyone who needs to get well to go see her.

Murielle Lamothe

Molly is fantastic! She understands and has wonderful advice. She’s the first physical therapist in 5+ years who has been able to give me practical advice for self-treatment at home. Her advice is solid and the techniques work! Thank you, Molly!

Kim Dugay

Dr. Molly (Knight) Hart is hands down one of the most passionate and knowledgeable physical therapists I know. I have had the pleasure of working with her for the past 6 months, and I've watched her help more people than many therapists are able to help in 6 years. She truly cares about her patients and will always strive to provide them with the best care. I highly recommend everyone with a pelvic floor issue to contact her. She will go above and beyond to get you better!

Jen Hosler

Ladies...Molly Hart is the real deal! I have had chronic pelvic floor pain for 7 1/2 years and with Molly’s treatment, I’m becoming ME again! I’ve made huge progress from where I once was with Molly’s guidance. She cares and educates you on your body and mind. Last year when I first saw Molly she immediately connected my pain to my mind....that my mind needed to connect with my pain and how to control it. Understanding that I realized I had to stop hating my body for letting me down. I had to work with my body to make it stronger while fighting through the pain. She taught me how to release spasms on my own, calm my body, rest in stages and gave me exercises to do. It took time to get my body all connected, but it all started to work. This year having Molly come to my home for a full HOUR session is awesome! She took a full assessment of my eating habits, Vitamins and pain level. She then guided me through a new workout program based on my pain level. I do my workouts, walk almost every day, watch what I eat and I’ve made huge progress. I can wear clothes again, clean my home, drive my car and enjoy sex with my husband and I can ride the Motorcycle! I’m back to enjoying life again! Molly is my angel, captain, and biggest supporter. I know if your reading this you are in pain....take control of it and call Molly. She will change your life for the better—-I guarantee it!

Beth Redmond

Molly is so fabulous to work with! She's very passionate about her work, knowledgeable, & so personable too. I thoroughly enjoyed every visit & feel I've made such a sweet friend in the process! I also learned so much & am grateful for the time she took with me. Thank you Molly for all you do!

Summer Morris

Molly is an amazing therapist and person. She is so thorough and so caring. She has been an instrumental part of my recovery and I can't thank her enough. She is amazing at explaining the whys and hows of your body and how that plays in with your goals and the process of achieving them. That to me makes a huge difference than someone coming in and just telling you to do this or that. I highly recommend Molly, she is dedicated, personable and driven.

Becky Smith

Dr. Molly Knight is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and passionate. Her practice is patient-centric and really focuses on mentoring and providing growth for her patients. She truly listens and arranges effective, individualized care plans that addresses core issues as well as problems that could arise. Rest assured, you are in great caring hands with Dr. Knight.

Vivien Riley